Bringing self-driving cars to life

Savari allows vehicles to do the driving.


Savari technology is poised to become the de facto platform for the next Information Superhighway. We automate vehicles and roadways, enabling self-driving vehicles that make travel Safer, Smarter and Secure.

Our Vision

Hop in.

Take a tour of Savari's technology and see how we're making self-driving vehicles a reality.

Our technology brings all of the pieces together — vehicles, network, sensors, intelligence, and controls — to make self-driving cars possible. Learn how we’re making it happen.

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What drives us

The Savari team is known for being passionate about realizing all the benefits of automated vehicles. Our shared belief in that goal comes from our extensive experience in vehicle technology, advanced networks and wireless infrastructure. Every day, it energizes our efforts to make roads safer for cars and pedestrians, reduce congestion, and improve traffic efficiency through vehicle automation.

At Savari, what drives us is what drives you.

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